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Made By the Artisans of Nepal

Merino industry works with working women’s co-op’s throughout the world to design and produce unique and beautiful handcrafted works of art using only natural fibers and sustainable materials.

Each piece of art, whether wearable, functional or aesthetic is made with love and care using centuries old craftwomanship that has been passed down from generation to generation and reflects the local style, customs and traditions of the indigenous artisans.


Unique and Tailor-made Designs

Merino Industries thrives on delivering high quality customized products to our customers.
All our products are highly customizable in terms of size, colors, and design. Furthermore, our designers and specialists in felt technology work collaboratively with our clients to deliver the best design and product quality to our esteemed customers.

Fair Trade Practices

Merino Industry is guided by the principles of “fair trade” in everything that we do.
We work closely with the artisans to ensure that each person is paid a fair wage, works in a clean, safe, and comfortable environment, has direct influence if not complete control over the design and production process, and is offered additional benefits relevant to their need.

Fair Trade Practices

Leading Felt Manufacturer in Nepal

With 12 years of existence, Merino Industry is a leading felt manufacturer in Nepal. Merino Industry exports its products all over the world to places like Australia, the United States, Europe, Japan and many other countries.

Best Quality Natural Product

All our products are manufactured using high quality wool and fur exported from New Zealand and Australia. It applies the same traditional methods in production. Besides, this company is committed to pollution free environment. Our products are fully environment friendly, as no artificial colors and dyes are used in the product.


Contact us for the best quality and beautifully designed felt products.